Working with Nathan was an extremely constructive experience. Not only did he quickly identify what a song needs, but because ofhis stylistic potrolio goes a long way beyond jazz, bigband or classical music.

(Herr Iselin - Switzerland)

We needed some trumpet tracks for a German carnival theme song in a salsa style. Nathan did it _ as perfect as we needed. He trumpet playing gave that certain something to the song. Our customers were highly excited.

Dirk Neuss

(Producer and owner - Online Studios, Germany)

Nathan Bray - Virtuosity, Versatility, Very quick service and Value for money. 

He wrote fantastic arrangements ranging from bigbands to  Earth, wind and Fire (for my album).

He has a state of the art studio.

The service was very quick. with high quality and attention to detail. Nathan was a pleasure to work with and a great source of musical knowlege and inspiration.

John Riddell

(Writer, arranger and producer)

Needing some live horns for a few tracks at short notice, I turned to Nathan. This was the first time I used him and must say the parts were top notch and delivered promptly. A really nice guy, an absolute pro and a pleasure to work with!

Ross Griggs

(Unbelievable Music UK0

Absolute honour to have Nathan perform on our latest Cd "Trying hard 2" - his solo on "Smartypants" is one of the highlights on the album! Thanks again for your wonderful playing.

Simon Niblock & Elliott Henshaw

(Spice Fusion).